Highest Level of Recruitment Difficulties on Record

A new survey by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) reveals firms are facing the highest level of recruitment difficulties on record.
March 09, 2023

The data for the BCC’s Quarterly Recruitment Outlook for Q4 2022 was drawn from a survey of more than 5,600 businesses, 92% of whom were SMEs.

Attempted recruitment in Q4 remained virtually unchanged from the previous quarter, with 61% of firms looking to find staff. Overall, over eight in ten firms (82%) attempting to recruit reported difficulties, up from 76% in Q3.

While recruitment problems persist across all sectors, the survey found that firms in the hospitality sector are most likely to face challenges when recruiting, closely followed by the manufacturing sector.

Statistics from Chambers Wales South East, South West and Mid’s quarterly economic survey for the same period reported similar results for businesses in Wales.

61% of businesses in Wales attempted to recruit in Q4 and 77% of firms experienced difficulties in finding suitable staff. 61% of businesses found it most difficult to recruit skilled and manual employees, closely followed by professional and managerial staff and semi or unskilled workers.

Paul Slevin, Executive Chair of Chambers Wales South East, South West and Mid, said:

“The findings of the BCC’s Quarterly Recruitment Outlook show that British businesses are facing the highest level of recruitment difficulties on record.

“We have consistently seen in the results of our own quarterly economic surveys that recruitment, particularly of skilled employees, is an ongoing challenge for businesses in Wales. The extremely tight labour market isn’t easing and continues to place pressure on businesses who wish to increase productivity and grow.

“Investment in training and skills development is needed so that employers can support everyone in the workplace, find new employees and respond to skills and labour gaps in their businesses.”

Original Article: Business News Wales

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