HR Challenges In The Hospitality Industry And Possible Solutions

April 20, 2023

The hospitality industry has for a long time been faced with a lack of enough skilled manpower to handle the ever-growing needs of the industry. During the pandemic, most restaurants and hotels were greatly affected which led to closure and employees being left jobless. The employees had to venture into different industries in order to make a living and even as normalcy started to resume, previous employees in the hospitality industry were not willing to rejoin the industry.

This posed a challenge within Human Resource (HR) departments as there were fewer qualified individuals seeking employment and they had to use more resources to hire and train new employees on the industry practices.

This posed another challenge of high turnovers since the hospitality industry requires staff to work long shifts, holidays, and weekends and the pay may not be good enough to sustain employees. HR professionals, therefore, have to keep on hiring new staff. Most companies are hiring HR outsourcing services for their operational and legal issues, expert guidance on people management, and strategies for leaders facing change and challenges.

The HR challenges in the hospitality industry are interconnected in that there are fewer candidates who are interested in pursuing careers in the hospitality industry. Due to this, HR professionals do not have an easy time finding the right fit for their organizations. If they eventually find them and offer training and development opportunities, a high percentage of the staff leaves at some point citing unfavorable working conditions.

To curb the repetition of these HR challenges in the hospitality industry, HR professionals need to ensure policies that promote a healthy working environment for employees in the industry are put in place by negotiating higher wages, favorable working conditions, and intensive training for those being promoted to managerial positions.

They will then notice low turnover rates, employee satisfaction, and high level of customer service which will, in turn, lead to increased profits for the business.

Original Article: HRnews

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