Make job adverts transparent and inclusive, say young people

It's no longer employers assessing candidates; candidates are now assessing employers
February 22, 2023

Young people want employers to do better when it comes to diversity and inclusion, starting with making job adverts transparent and inclusive.

In a new Employment Accessibility Report by Access Generation CIC, young people laid bare their perceptions and expectations of applying for jobs online.

The research, which looked at over 570 employers’ websites and job application processes, found that only 7% of employers positively address diversity and inclusion.

The research, carried out by young people aged 18-30, assessed whether employers demonstrated race and culture, religious beliefs, age, disability and LGBTQ+.

Sophie Lau, who is one of the young people that carried out the research, said: “I was surprised at the sheer number of employers that did not consider diversity and inclusion. Most employers had a statement about how they are inclusive to give the illusion that their recruitment was inclusive. However, this was rarely backed up with evidence.”

One out of three employers provide entry-level roles, and only 1% stated when feedback is available.

Young people are often caught in the catch-22, with no experience but need the experience to get into work.

Jemma Redden, Director of Access Generation, said: “Young people don’t know what they don’t know. It’s important for employers to make the recruitment process clear. There are lots of jobs out there right now, and it’s no longer the employer assessing the candidates, the candidates are now assessing the employer. Does your organisation meet their expectations?”

Ellie Duncan, one of the young researchers, said: “I found that the majority of employers failed to provide clarity of the application process and stages, with many requiring an account to be set up before seeing what the steps involved. I found this frequent ambiguity to be off-putting compared to the few who did provide a detailed outline of what to expect throughout the process.”

The report provides employers with insights and top tips based on the research that looks at the candidate journey, recruitment content, employer branding and equality, diversity and inclusion.

Access Generation is urging employers to take on the advice and guidance from young people inside the report to make recruitment accessible, supportive and inclusive.

Original Article: DiversityQ

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