The sound of silence: More than 30 per cent of the ‘quiet office quitters’ leave over low pay

UK office workers are making the leap, handing their notices in, swapping jobs, and ditching the 9 to 5 altogether, according to new research. They’re also, most importantly, quiet quitters
May 19, 2023

Younger employees are notorious for being branded the job-hopping generation, with those close to retirement usually sticking it out for the final few years in the same job.

instantprint’s data showed that under 18s or Gen X, moved on average around 4 times in the last 3 years. 52% of 18-24-year-olds moved jobs 1 time whereas 39% of 45-55-year-olds moved 3 times. Unsurprisingly, all 65+-year-old respondents shared that they hadn’t moved jobs at all.

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Gone are the days of a standard resignation letter being handed to your manager in the office on a Monday morning. instantprint asked survey respondents when quitting a job (aside from a standard resignation or notice letter) if they did any of the following:

A whopping 46.95% of their survey respondents shared that they have previously quit a job via text, email, call or voicemail. 64.07% of these call quitters were aged 25-34.

27.85% simply gave up trying, doing a bad job on purpose until they finished their notice period or got put on gardening leave. 28.86% of respondents got up from their desks and never came back.

instantprint’s survey respondents also shared that an admirable 59.96% worked their notice period for their last job. But that means that just over 40% did not. 21.75% of respondents shared that they never worked their notice period. 2.44% only worked part of their notice period and 15.45% went on gardening leave.

When surveying respondents on what inspired them to take the step to quit their last job social media influence, accounted for 13.21% of votes and 60% of those respondents were aged 25-34. Totting up millions of views, TikTok’s #QuitTok has become a source of inspiration for those looking for a sign to quit

Top 10 reasons why employees would or have quit their jobs

  1. Underpaid and or Salary – 33%
  2. Childcare – 25%
  3. Stress, Health and or Wellbeing – 23%
  4. Shift Patterns and or Working Hours – 22%
  5. Your Boss – 22%
  6. Expenses (parking, travel etc.) – 19%
  7. Sickness and or Maternity Policies – 17%
  8. Moving Location – 17%
  9. Not Being Challenged in Your Role – 15%
  10. Workplace Bullying – 15%

According to the survey, being underpaid or salary was the top contender. 32.52%, nearly a third, of respondents, ranked this as a reason why they have or would quit their job.

Following salary, childcare came in second with 24.95% of respondents ranking this as a reason to quit. It seems that working parents may not be getting the support they need.

Amidst the cost of living, it’s not shocking to see that expenses such as parking, petrol and travel were a contender for 18.90% of respondents.

Laura Mucklow, Head of instantprint said, “We can see here, first hand, just how important it is to attract and retain employees. Employers need to make sure they’re doing everything they can to make sure their workplace is one that is as inviting, challenging, accommodating, and motivating as possible.”

Original Article: LondonlovesBusiness

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